turbo charger SYMPTOMS

So you love your car like you love your pet? Familiarise yourself with the known symptoms of a failing turbo / transmission so that you can Contact Us for advice on how to proactively take care of your turbo. Possible suggestions for the symptoms sections (to help rank higher and make it more user friendly)

There are several ways of laying this section out one way is to have videos of each symptom of turbo charger or we can have images of each problem (if AAA could even make a video of each of the problems this is something the other high ranking companies have not done so good for rankings). Turbocharger diagnostics are categorized into 3 areas:

Engine Performance

The following problems can often indicate turbo failure:
• Engine power loss
• Black or blue exhaust smoke
• Increased oil consumption
• Engine noise
• Leaking oil

Visual Inspection

An initial visual inspection can reveal the following problems:
• Compromised air hoses
• Blocked filters
• Loose mounting
• Turbo fractures
• Burnt compounds and odour
• Excessive heating

Benchtop Inspection

A benchtop inspection of a dismounted turbo can reveal the following problems:
• Damaged hoses
• Leaking seals
• Broken compressor vanes
• Blocked valves and actuators
• Compromised circuitry
• Clogged air filter